If there is a change in the flight, do you track the changes?

From the moment the order is placed we track any changes in the flight's landing or take-off.
We welcome the passengers, regardless of changes in the flight times.

Can the service be ordered for any flight?

Our service is given for all the flights, without exception, including charter flights and internal flights. Our staff will welcome you and give you service.  

Can the service be ordered if one of the passengers needs a wheelchair?

It is important to mention when booking that one of the passengers needs a wheelchair; we will come to the airplane (or alternatively to the passenger's car) with a wheelchair, and help him/her to undergo the process of transition in Ben Gurion Airport quickly and conveniently, receiving personal attention from a professional, skilled representative.

If we have more than 10 suitcases, should we also order a porter?

If you or your guests arrive with more than 10 suitcases, we recommend also ordering a porter to help lift the baggage and to receive faster and more convenient service.

Do you provide other services apart from VIP services in Ben Gurion?

The company prides itself on giving a complete and comprehensive range of services.
The varied basket of services enables the company to supply its customers with comprehensive solutions and to adapt a package of services that suit each customer's needs, from a wide variety of supplementary services:
  • Security
  • Personal chauffeur
  • Trips
  • Guiding, etc.

What are the hours of activity?

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Saturdays and festivals.
Booking center – telephone 03-5327903.

How far in advance should we book the service?

It is preferable to book the service as early as possible, so that we can prepare and send you a rapid confirmation of you order. However, our professionalism and high level of service enable us to respond quickly in real time also.  


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